Affordable Cubicles

Cubicles offer an affordable and space-saving alternative to private offices. They offer privacy to the workers, while still allowing an openness conducive to the free exchange of ideas. There are two main types of cubicles being used today: panel-mounted and freestanding. Panel-based systems can be equipped with internal power options and tend to be a bit taller, and therefore provide greater privacy and noise reduction. The advantage of freestanding systems is that they can be installed and reconfigured easily. This may be important if you predict your business will often rearrange or move office space.

While cubicles are affordable, especially when compared with individual private offices, there are ways to save even more money when equipping your office. Often, office furniture manufacturers will have certain lines of pieces on clearance. There are also furniture liquidators who will offer cubicles at a fraction of the original price.

Used and refurbished cubicles can be another great way to save up to 70% or 80% on cubicles. Good cubicles are made to be highly durable, and therefore used cubicles can be almost indistinguishable from new ones. You may need to take a little time for minor clean up, though. Another way to go is to contact an office furniture refurbishing company. These companies will do the clean up work for you, though you’ll be paying a bit more than for just used pieces.

While you, of course, want to save money when setting up your business, make sure you won’t be spending more than you need to down the line. One of the great things about cubicles and modular furniture in general is that it can be added to and adjusted. But cubicle design is not universal and it is a rare case when one manufacturer’s designs are compatible with another’s. The designs you choose should fit your budget not just now, but down the road.

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