Office Cubicles

With the size and budgetary constraints of many modern businesses, it simply is not feasible to have individual offices for every employee. But it is helpful to offer a level of privacy to workers. This is where office cubicles come in.

The Budget

Cubicles are an affordable alternative to private offices. New cubicle panel prices range from about $100 to upwards of $400. Many manufacturers will have certain lines of cubicles on clearance periodically. This may be because they are making room in the warehouse or because the line has been discontinued; either way, it is a situation your business can take advantage of.

You can also save money on panels by purchasing used or refurbished pieces. Because quality cubicle panels are made to be durable and withstand day-to-day use, it is easy to find used pieces that look brand new.

The Sizes

The most common cubicle sizes are 6-by-6 feet, 6-by-8 feet, or 8-by-8 feet. Smaller center workstations, often used for general use printers, can be as small as 2-by-4 feet. Larger cubicles, meant for meetings and managerial tasks, can be up to 12-by-12 feet.

Panel heights range from 34 to 85 inches. Taller panels offer more privacy and reduce noise, but certainly inhibit interaction between members of team work. Tall panels may also create a lighting problem in the space. Low panels make it easy for employees to work together, but offer less in the way of privacy.

Room for growth

Make sure to keep in mind not only your current business needs, but also what your needs may be in the future. One of the great things about cubicles is that they can be added to, but you may need to use the same manufacturer or even the same line. Remember that cubicle design is not universal and some cubicle lines will not be compatible with each other.

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