Office Furniture

Your office furniture does more than just provide places to sit and surfaces to write and compute. The decor of an office creates an image for the business. The furniture sends messages to both those visiting and those working within those walls about what is important to the business. Before purchasing furniture for your office, ask yourself what message you want to send.

Desks, Chairs, and Workstations

For almost any office, desks are the most crucial pieces of furniture. This is where a majority of work is done and time is spent. You should be sure that the desks you outfit your office with are both useful and comfortable in their design.

Ergonomics is the design of space to maximize productivity by minimizing discomfort. An ergonomic workstation lets you sit and stand in positions that positions that are natural to the human body. While more and more people spend an increasing amount of hours at their home or office workstations, it is more important than ever to be aware of how these spaces affect our bodies.


Employees with different tasks will have different needs. This is why many companies have gone with a cubicle set up for their offices. Cubicles offer flexibility and adaptability in work area configurations.

There are two main types of cubicles: panel-mounted and freestanding. Panel-based systems can be equipped with internal power options and tend to be a bit taller, and therefore provide greater privacy and noise reduction. The advantage of freestanding systems is that they can be installed and reconfigured easily. This may be important if you predict your business will often rearrange or move office space.


For a more upscale executive look, most businesses go with a wood-dominated office space. If the budget allows, you could choose solid wood desks, tables, and shelves. For a slightly tighter budget both laminate and veneer furniture offer the rich look of wood without such a high price tag.

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